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    Counseling For Caregiver Burnout & Chronic Stress

    Are you experiencing chronic stress, exhaustion, low energy, weight gain, headaches, trouble sleeping, getting sick more than usual, or feeling increased irritability? Perhaps you are feeling increasingly resentful, ashamed–not yourself! Maybe you have a lot of demands physically, emotionally, and mentally and it has been hard prioritizing your own needs due to work or while caring for your loved ones. Burnout can happen in any environment, but caregivers are particularly at risk of the adverse effects (physical and physiological) of burnout and if left unmanaged, can lead to more severe symptoms of anxiety and depression, impact your physical health, and erode the meaningful relationships that matter to you the most. Whether you are caring for aging parents, a chronically-ill family member, or a child with special needs, I am here to help support you in this journey.

    Burnout does NOT have to win! The good news is there is help and treatment options.  

    I help caregivers experiencing burnout understand the physical and psychological effects of chronic stress, unpack or release feelings of anger, guilt and shame, and harness and learn healthier ways to cope and manage.

    Even if you feel helpless right now, know that you can begin a path towards self-care and positive change that you desire! Take that first step, your future self and loved ones will thank you for it!